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Following Jesus in all of Life


Fridays in Lent

Stations of the Cross followed by
Soup Supper & 'DIFFERENCE' study

The 'DIFFERENCE' study is published by the Reconciliation Ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury in England, and explores what it means to follow Jesus in a conflicted world.

The Easter Season

'Making Disciples'

Together, we will walk through an insightful seven-week course, unpacking each of our strengths and gifts in discipleship/ministry/our Christian life, to ultimately help us all grow and develop as disciples of Jesus.

Summer Season
Bible Study 'deep-dive' & Church social events

Fall Season (pre-Advent)

'Rediscovering Evangelism'

Every Anglican church is called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen. There is a tremendous need for us to rediscover how to do personal evangelism. We know evangelism can be fearful, but in this small group teaching series, we will learn how to move personal evangelism from a good idea that is scary into a commitment, with the tools to lead people into a relationship with Jesus and make them his disciples.

Serious Discipleship: News & Updates
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